Kajol Kalliecharan is a high school student with a gift for storytelling and a heart for making a difference. She passionately volunteers in research and development cancer programs, exemplifying her unwavering commitment to helping others. Kajol’s love for travel, cooking, and collecting recipes from diverse cultures enriches her stories with delightful character development. She is an avid car racing fan who finds inspiration in the drivers’ determination and the infinite power of imagination that drives their dreams.

Title by Kajol C. Kalliecharan

  • by Kajol C. Kalliecharan

    Get ready to embark on an adventure and witness the awe-inspiring power of imagination!

    Milo is a hero who fearlessly takes on the challenges of pediatric cancer with his imagination as his superpower: from speeding down a race track to diving deep into the wonderous depths of the ocean. With every twist and turn, his vibrant daydreams parallel his reality, providing solace and strength during his most difficult days.

    The Superpower of Imagination inspires hope and celebrates the power of imagination as a vital coping mechanism in the face of adversity.