Kristi Argyle is an artist, writer and illustrator. She is a mother and grandmother. She loves to create stories sharing the wisdom of animals,nature and scripture to remind us to live in our hearts. She lives in Newport Beach, California.

Titles by Kristi Argyle

  • Released: October 2023

    Genre: Children's books

    Larry and Lenny are two lizards that love to have fun!

    In Larry and Lenny Lizard’s Island Adventure, they visit a magical island where they meet creatures they’ve never seen before. The more they explore, the more welcome they feel as they make new friends and enjoy the beauty of the island.

    It isn’t long before Larry and Lenny wonder if they should make their visit a forever-adventure and call the island home.

  • Wise, Safe and Healthy Friendships That Are A Hoot

    Released: January 2022

    Genre: Children's books

    Wise, Safe and Healthy Friendships That Are A Hoot

    Henry and Henrietta Owl’s Tea Party is a story of two wise owls who
    enjoy practicing hospitality with their other owl friends.

    At Henry and Henrietta’s tree house, friends share wisdom, gifts, their favorite books, and their own tales of adventure. They celebrate each day with a tea party and have a hoot of a wonderful time. With the help of Henry and Henrietta, the owls grow closer over the years as they build kind, healthy, and safe friendships.

  • Released: August 2021

    Genre: Children's books

    This is a story about two playful red squirrels, whose longing for adventure took them to a new and unknown place. Though they were frightened, they had faith that they would be taken care of.
    Their positive attitude and belief in the kindness and generosity of human beings carried them forward on their journey. Their faith and trust, and their willingness to take action, rewarded them beyond their wildest dreams.

  • Released: May 2021

    Genre: Children's books

    This is a story of an owl who honored herself and took care of herself first by speaking up and expecting her needs to be met. The cooperation, care, honor, and respect from the other forest animals was reciprocated in harmonious ways.

  • Genre: Children's books

    This is a story about a Canada goose who was a bully. The other animals learned to pay no attention to his bad behavior and not to take it personally. They all showed him love and compassion from a distance and got along in harmony.