For over a decade Latia Smith has been serving the community members of Long Island and Queens as a dedicated dental hygienist. Working in a pediatric setting has inspired her to debut her first children’s story book, allowing her to share a positive experience that children can encounter during their visit with the dentist. Being an advocate for oral hygiene has been a focal point for the UNC Chapel Hill graduate, throughout her career. When she isn’t indulged in work and her creative writing hobby, Latia enjoys dabbling in culinary arts, studying Spanish as a second language, and going on outdoor excursions.

Titles by Latia Smith, RDH

  • by Latia Smith, RDH

    In Mimi Gets a Tooth Filling, Mama, Mimi, and Baby-Sis go to the annual county fair. Mimi can’t wait to play games, eat delicious food, and ride the Ferris wheel and teacups. At the end of the day’s adventure, Mimi enjoys a tasty treat from the food stand vendors. But when she bites into a candy apple, she feels a sharp pain inside her tooth. Mama takes Mimi on a trip to see Dr. Jason, the town’s pediatric dentist. What will Dr. Jason find when he checks Mimi’s teeth? Will he find the cause of her pain and help her find relief?

  • by Latia Smith, RDH

    Charlotte is enjoying her summer when she discovers that her best friend, Micaela, has recently gotten braces. Longing for the day when she, too, can straighten her teeth, Charlotte makes it her mission to convince her mama that she should also get a set of braces.

    She passes her time with summer camp, attending swim meets, and spending time with friends. She wiggles her lingering loose teeth every day, waiting for the day they finally fall out. When Charlotte loses the remainder of her primary teeth, she’s excited for an evaluation from her orthodontist. She keeps her fingers crossed and thinks positive thoughts. As summer draws to a close, Charlotte wonders if fate will grant her wish and send her back to school with braces.

  • by Latia Smith, RDH

    Join six-year old Peter as he journeys across town with his family to visit the dentist. An elaborate office, embellished in a Zoo-like theme, gives a warm, welcoming feeling to all of its pediatric patients. The office’s dental hygienist, Ms. Stacy, guides Peter step-by-step throughout the entire procedure of his dental cleaning as she introduces all the fancy tools and equipment that she uses during the treatment. Yummy flavors are always an incentive for getting your teeth polished, as the choices are endless. Removing sugar bugs off of the teeth produces a sparking smile, while radiographs help to ensure there is no tooth decay, which may be underlying. Peter learns about taking x-ray pictures and gets a lesson on home care instructions to maintain a healthy dentition. Goody-bags and treasure prizes are such a treat, making Peter’s trip to the dentist complete.

    A pleasant time with the hygienist and dentist makes Peter look forward to his next dental visit!