Lawrence Hawk is known by friends and clients as Hawk, a nickname that evolved from his work as a career cab driver in Portland, Oregon. It lines up well with his wandering throughout The Great Northwest. Being immersed in nature, all four seasons, brings him great joy. These days, creative writing is a means to process his experience.

Title by Lawrence F. Hawk

  • by Lawrence F. Hawk

    Our Lady Gaia cares for all of the trees, the flowers, the four-legged creatures, the creepy crawlers, the underground dwellers, the swimmers and the flyers in the world. She is their food and their home. She is the air they breathe, the rock they stand on, the water they drink, and the windy currents that blow against their skin. Because Lady Gaia provides such a loving home, she is loved in return by all beings. May we love her too.