Lionel Yino Sánchez was born in 1940 in the Guarco Valley, Cartago, Costa Rica. He has lived in the United States since 1968; Manhattan became the apple of his eye. He speaks, writes, and translates his work into Greek, Latin, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. His personal library contains more than ten thousand books in those languages.
By his side is the aquarellist, painter, and gardener, Merry Lynn Tied Puccinelli. Lionel finds joy in his family, listening to music, writing poetry and philosophy, translating his work into other languages, and playing chess. He has a daughter, Camille Thais, and two sons, Fabrizzio Camelot and Mario Alejandro. He is the grandfather of two grandsons and four granddaughters. From his writing, his dear family has learned to pay attention to their five senses and to get rid of anything that insults their souls.

Nacimiento, año 1940. Valle del Guarco, Cartago, Costa Rica. Desde 1968 reside en Los Estados Unidos.  (New York y Wisconsin)  Como escritor habla, escribe y traduce sus escritos en 6 lenguas: Griego, Latin, Inglés, Español, Francés, Italiano y Portugués. Su biblioteca personal contiene más de diez mil libros en seis idiomas.   Su familia, la música, el ajedrez y la lectura son su copa de vino! Tiene tres hijos: Camille Thais, Fabrizzio Camelot, y Mario Alejandro. De ellos han salido dos nietos: Alex y Hector, y cuatro nietas: Laiken y Aria, Arushka y Ksana. ¡Todo un joyero!

Titles by Lionel Yino Sanchez

  • Eighty Poems Like Swords Wrapped in Meteors by Lionel Yino Sanchez

    by Lionel Yino Sanchez

    • Released: January 2024
    • Genre: Poetry

    Eighty Poems Like Swords Wrapped in Meteors, by poet Lionel Yino Sánchez, is a unique collection in three parts.
    “Part One: The Offertory” introduces the reader to initiatory voices that make the struggle between mind and heart known. “Part Two: Consecration” begins with romance to committed poetry. Each poem denounces the henchmen of hatred, their wars, and their genocides. The collection culminates with “Part Three: Communion,” poems that yearn to become the bread of the angels for all violated creatures.
    This book is a call of consciousness in favor of all the creatures of the cosmos.

  • by Lionel Yino Sanchez