Lisa Flannigan, PhD

Lisa Flannigan is a clinical psychologist in private practice who has been in the mental health field for over 30 years first as a Marriage and Family Therapist, working primarily with children and families then as a Licensed Psychologist working with adults. She lived and worked in California and Washington state prior to Georgia.

Lisa lives with her husband and their youngest daughter in Atlanta Georgia. She also has two older children and two grandchildren. When she is not seeing clients or writing, she enjoys her family, reading, knitting and walking in nature.

Title by Lisa Flannigan, PhD

  • by Lisa Flannigan, PhD

    What if you had a guide to help you unlock the mystery and magic within you? The strength and answers you seek are already inside. You just need gentle guidance to reveal what is there.

    Lisa Flannigan offers brief messages to help transform self-defeating thoughts and emotions into healing experiences. By embracing the quiet space within and letting go of what is no longer useful, you can grow through life’s challenges. This book addresses and inspires mentally healthy concepts; mindfulness, healthy boundaries, self-awareness, emotional growth, self-acceptance, cognitive restructuring, reframing, and self-care. Pause, reflect, and uncover the incredible beauty, creativity, and power within you.