Mr. Bowers is an award-winning author that used his first hand experience to write Captured By COVID, Deceit, Conspiracy & Death – A True Story. The images are still very real, and he used this to write his novel “Oliva” His military background helped develop the characters, but it was his experience with critical care psychosis that made this book possible. Critical Care Psychosis is real and experienced every day by patients on their death bed. I would have never believed it possible if I hadn’t experienced it firsthand. The next time you visit a friend or loved one in a coma in the hospital, don’t assume they are just sleeping. Their brain is still active and could be putting them through hell. Some individuals in this book were derived from real experiences detailed in Captured by COVID. This book gives some of the main characters, especially Allen and Olivia, a fictional background. “Olivia” describes the motivation that made one kind, caring husband and father seek revenge at all costs towards those involved with his family’s demise.

Titles by Michael E. Bowers

  • Olivia by Michael E. Bowers

    by Michael E. Bowers

    • Released: February 2024
    • Genre: Novels

    Allen’s daughter, Olivia, is a beautiful sixteen-year-old girl, born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, with the whole world ahead of her. But when Olivia’s family accidentally gets caught in the crossfire of the DEA and a Mexican drug cartel, Olivia’s world turns upside-down, changing the lives of everyone around her and driving Allen to commit atrocities so complex, so evil, that no one could have thought him capable. Inspired by the events of his 2022 award-winning book, Captured by COVID: Deceit, Conspiracy, and Death—A True Story, Michael E. Bowers’s Olivia tells the story of a happy family and a dream that ended in disaster.

  • by Michael E. Bowers

    • Released: July 2022
    • Genre: Memoirs

    Captured by COVID is a true story that begins with author Michael Bowers’s hospitalization for COVID-19 and evolved into a series of unimaginable events. The details of torture, abandonment, and betrayal are real.

    This book was derived from notes taken during therapy to combat the post-traumatic stress disorder Bowers developed from these events. Captured by COVID provides insight that many will find eye opening.

    This is a must read for ICU doctors, nurses, or anyone that wonders what goes through the brain of someone in a coma.