About ten years ago, I graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelors in political science. I have invested in real estate for the money and for the pleasure. I volunteer at a homeless shelter while training to be a crisis text worker so I can help prevent people from making some of the worst mistakes in the heat of the moment. I also crank out the occasional multimillion dollar New York Times best seller. I just have yet to be discovered. Cross your fingers for me. It is my heartfelt wish that you please enjoy my writings whenever works best for you.

Title by Michael Haimes

  • by Michael Haimes

    • Released: September 2023
    • Genre: Poetry
    In Words That Echo, a new collection by Michael Haimes, each handwritten poem was intended to be meditated upon and pondered. Whether the reader agrees wholeheartedly or disagrees with them, this work is dedicated to helping to bring newfound perspectives to grow from old ways of thinking—perspectives that may confirm beliefs, add to them, or change them entirely. These poems contain wisdom to take a hold of in an increasingly demanding, fast-paced world. So put down the fast food that has been poisoning you for the past ten years and dare to take a hold of something more.