Patricia Marshall is the owner of Luminare Press, and has helped hundreds of authors navigate the self-publishing process. She loves sharing her knowledge, enthusiasm, and love of publishing with authors across the country.

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At Luminare Press we help authors publish their best possible books. I wrote this toolkit, as well as other guides, for those authors who are willing to take the path of Do It Yourself publishing and need some guidance.

  • by Patricia Marshall

    The ultimate guide to self-publishing

    The Luminare Press Toolkit offers a roadmap that will close the gap between your finished manuscript and holding a published book in your hands.

    Packed full of practical, up-to-date information, the toolkit takes the author through the print-on-demand publishing process, and includes:

    • Tips on editing and formatting your manuscript
    • How and when to hire a book designer
    • Keeping track of metadata (and when to use it)
    • Setting up accounts and uploading your files to POD printers
    • Creating a marketing strategy that works for you

    The resource section includes active links so they can be updated as needed, as well as: Helpful sites, Image sizing charts, List of training videos, Forms to download, and much, much more.

    Luminare Press has been helping authors publish for more than a decade, and this book shares our step-by-step process with authors.

  • by Patricia Marshall

    Do you want to self-publish, but have no idea how to get started? This book is for you!

    We’ll review the basics of the process, including:

    • An overview of the publishing process;
    • Editing—how to polish your manuscript;
    • Book interiors—layout and page design;
    • Cover design and why it matters;
    • Bookmaking—printing, distribution, ebooks;
    • Selling your book and finding your audience.


  • Liz Russell

    Especially for anyone who is starting at the very beginning of self-publishing. This book gives basic steps and guidelines for preparing a book for print-on-demand.
    I was really grateful for the section on publishing platforms for printed books and also e-books. There are some great suggestions and checklists along with specific links and tools for getting your book to market.