Rebecca J. Brock is a writer, model, actress, and real estate professional with two grown sons. She is currently living her best life in Miami Beach, Florida.

Title by Rebecca J. Brock

  • by Rebecca J. Brock

    This is the story of one woman’s journey through grief after the tragic and sudden death of her son that led to a profound spiritual awakening. In the aftermath of his death, Rebecca J. Brock had a complete paradigm shift in her understanding of how the Universe functions shifted. She was determined to heal and overcome her grief, and discovered she could communicate with not only her son, but with other spirit guides as well. Through this experience, she transformed from a broken, persecuted, and grief stricken mother to a healed, glorious, and triumphant love-filled Goddess. With her new found knowledge of how we are all connected by the Divine Matrix, she set off on a new journey to manifest the life she always desired.

    In Transcendence, Rebecca declares no topic to be off limits and courageously shares her story of finding the path that brought her back to God—and to anything that embodies Love, Unity, Compassion, Peace, and Truth. Along the way, she discovered how to heal herself and overcome any obstacle and challenge that life could throw her way.

    Once you read her brazen story, you may never see the world in the same way again.