Reed Morrison, PH.D. is a grandfather. Preparation for this role included a long career as a depth psychologist, an even longer marriage, companionship from a series of soulful dogs, and lots of cello lessons. His three children and their spouses contributed too, by producing, raising, and loving his grandchildren, Van, Isidora and Arthur.

Title by Reed Morrison

  • by Reed Morrison

    There is no shortage of advice for those beginning a life journey. It is no wonder confusion and doubt commonly become traveling companions. Which way to go? Where to turn? What to trust?

    This book is an introduction to the compass each of us carries. It reliably points the way forward, but not always to directions that are familiar and comfortable. When we choose to follow it, the journey can open to ever-evolving adventure and possibilities for extraordinary destinations.

    Where can the compass be found? In many traditions, it is the duty of elders, who are completing their journeys, to pass the compass they’ve followed to a new generation. This book is one grandfather’s attempt to fulfill his mission.