Roberta Temes is a psychotherapist who has practiced in New York City and in New Jersey for decades. She is the award-winning author of many professional books, magazine articles and essays. A Good Lie is her first work of fiction. Dr. Temes lives with her husband in New Jersey and in Florida.

Title by Roberta Temes

  • by Roberta Temes

    • Released: November 2021
    • Genre: Novels

    A bride withholds a shocking secret from her new husband.

    Is love enough to keep the marriage together?

    When a quiet Midwestern family receives flawed medical advice, catastrophe ensues. Louie attempts to raise Laurie, his daughter, while perpetuating a devastating lie. Laurie connects with a cunning cult leader and a devious psychotherapist, but they are no match for the two strong women who thoughtfully upend societal expectations and provide wisdom and stability.

    Family relationships are complicated; love shows up in many forms.