A native New Yorker and first-time author, Siobhán Gamble considers herself a voracious verbivore who suffers from a serious case of logolepsy. She fell in love with the freedom that comes with creative writing and began writing poetry as soon as she could hold a pencil. It was her first love and intrinsic form of therapy. Writing gave her wings; and the eventual discovery that she could fly. It was then that she began to feel seen and heard…like bold uppercase letters instead of the lowercase ones that the rest of the world seemingly used to inscribe her character. Writing became her reason. It isn’t just what she does. It’s who she is. Her words seek to encourage others to find their passion and speak their truth, believing that our purpose is always hidden in the details of our story. Siobhán dwells along the coastal plains of New England. Her two undisclosed superheroes serve as an endless source of inspiration.

Title by Siobhán Gamble

  • by Siobhán Gamble

    Malakai, or “Super Mali,” as he calls himself, is a remarkable five-year-old boy with a strong sense of self, an active imagination, and extraordinary confidence. Be not deceived—his obvious pint size delivers a really big message: “How others see us is not as important as how we perceive ourselves.”

    This affirmation book is an ode to self-love, self-confidence, and dreaming big. It empowers children to believe in themselves and gives them permission to be as big as they feel. Our words matter. They become our inner voice. Malakai represents every little boy and girl who is connected to the magic that we all possess.

    “Super Mali” will inspire children to unleash their very own superpowers within—strength, resilience, positivity, truth, kindness, and imagination—giving them the courage to be themselves and proudly wear their cape, even if that means just being their own hero.