TIA HATCH­—A cultural anthropologist by education, writing and fighting for social justice are deeply held passions for Tia Hatch. For the past fifteen years, she taught elementary school students about indigenous cultures. She is published in regional literary publications and is the author of a collection of poetry, Life Woven in Words (2018). She is a member of Willamette Writers, Oregon Poetry Association, and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Title by Tia Hatch

  • by Tia Hatch

    • Released: March 2021
    • Genre: Memoirs

    It is a time of turbulent change—the Civil Rights Movement, the Cold War with the Soviet Union and the race to control outer space, and the unpopular Vietnam War. African Americans shed blood in protests for equality; the Soviet Union strikes fear in America with their early successes in space and their support of North Vietnam with aircraft and armaments; and, young Americans burn draft cards.

    “I feel uncomfortable, out of place, different. I don’t fit in…. Do they feel like I feel; that I shouldn’t be here?”

    Tia is the only white girl attending a black family’s recital celebration for their daughter’s acceptance to Juilliard. It is 1954, and Tia is eleven. This is the true story of Tia’s journey through the tumultuous and pivotal times of the 1950’s and 60’s. Hatch’s memoir weaves personal stories, history, and original poetry as she matures and steps up to protest war, to fight for social justice, and push back against societal norms.