Professor Welkin Westicotter Marplot, of Coillemuir, Scotland, is a collector and curator of ancient manuscripts. He is a recluse and believed to be of extremely advanced age.

His great-granddaughter, Gertrude Dee Marplot, has taken great care to collect a number of his original manuscripts. Hidden among these esoteric and mysterious works are surprisingly modern stories about normal kids in bad, terrifying situations—or unique kids in worse ones. Ms. Marplot has edited these tales from their unknown origins and disorganized shape for the enjoyment of young readers.

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Titles by W.W. Marplot

  • by W.W. Marplot

    A college student and his younger, hapless brother come upon a time machine device (a belt, in fact, ostensibly created by their brilliant physicist older brother) and try to use it to get rich. Or at least happy. They fail repeatedly but, unbeknownst to them, they are a tremendous success to their brother’s rival who seeks to control time-travel itself. The key to the latest physical theories center around the existence of a young woman who lives between space-time curves naturally. Meddling from all sides has made the girl’s situation dangerous, and to save her, one brother must—for reasons only understandable in the small space where theoretical physics and Nagarjuna Buddhism meet—make the ultimate sacrifice. Or weasel out of it.

  • by W.W. Marplot

    For two Earth-teens, waking up in a spaceship would have been fine had they gone to bed in one. Though happy to escape the doomed Earth, they are left floating in an outer space gone dangerously bonkers. Adjusting well for their age group, Kay becomes an important prophetess, and Bobby an accidental, mythical deity, within the eyes of both their oddly constructed new friends and some very ambitious enemies. But it isn’t enough.
    The great Professor Lully, mediocre Bobby’s father, is mostly to blame for the highly evolved, highly arrogant automatons that now pursue these remaining Earthlings across the reaches of space and beyond the limits of logical thinking.
    Though they sorely miss phone apps and solid ground, Bobby and Kay accept their role as humanity’s last chance, help battle for the future of living things, and seek the clarification of certain teenaged misunderstandings.
    Wander the limits of the galaxy and logical thinking in this raucous tale of universal conquest.

  • by W. W. Marplot

    For Arty to miss a day of school, either he is very, very sick or a fairytale-character turf-war has begun in his backyard. So begins this particular Wednesday.

    First, Arty finds a sweaty, bearded ax-swinging warrior Dwarf scaring his dogs. Soon enough, Emma, Cry, and other middle-school friends also find fairy creature—Elves, Spriggans, Pixies, and a hoped-for Dragon—crashing into their normal homework-doing, backpack-carrying, phone-charging schooldays. Why are these magical beings here? What should be done? Is that ax sharp? Can Pixies be given aspirin? Arty, with his friends—and spying jerks and questionable strangers with long names—follow the clues and try to find out, even as things turn dark and dangerous. The mythical beings take sides. The Gwyllion, that legendary Old Woman of the Mountains, has a sinister plan that will turn the neighborhood into a fantasy battleground.