Wavey Hull received her Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management from Eastern University and her Master of Science in ODL with a concentration in Adult Learning and Training from St. Joseph’s University. When not wrestling with words, she enjoys family, friends, reading, international travel, community service, dining out, cheering on her favorite sports teams, shopping over budget, and binge-watching world news programming, The View, GMA, General Hospital, HGTV, and a smidgen of reality TV. Moments Lost: A Memoir is her first book.

Title by Wavey Hull

  • by Wavey Hull

    Columbus Avenue, late 1980s: A middle-class utopia of carefully manicured lawns, freshly painted homes, two-car garages, shrubbery trimmed to perfection, and pristine paved streets.

    It happened during the dinner hour. The shot heard ’round the world was from his black walnut Marlin .35 rifle with the pistol grip.

    He always bragged that it was the best rifle around with its pinpoint accuracy. It was that accuracy that allowed him to shoot a man in the ass in the middle of the night during the 1979 gas strike. The perpetrator was attempting to siphon gas from mommy’s two-door, burnt orange Monte Carlo.

    Often, he beat his wife or stomped her, but this time he took it to another level. On this night, he depended once again on the Marlin’s accuracy to hit another moving target.