Caring for Carol by Caring for Me, A Journey with Dementia and Self-Discovery by Anthony P. Mauro Sr.

by Anthony P. Mauro Sr.

  • Released: March 2024
  • Genre: Memoirs

In the poignant memoir Caring for Carol by Caring for Me, author Anthony P. Mauro Sr. takes readers on an emotional journey through the challenges of Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD), a rare form of dementia. Unaware of this condition, both Anthony and numerous medical professionals struggled to accurately diagnose his wife, Carol, for over a year.

As Carol’s health deteriorates, and the couple grapples with the crushing loss of hope, intimacy, security, and shared memories that dementia brings, Anthony discovers a profound lesson on embracing life as it is, rather than yearning for it to be different. Written in accessible language, this book shares Anthony’s personal method for embracing the inevitability of sorrow, illness, death, and change that we all encounter in our lives. Anthony’s journey is particularly remarkable as he recounts his battle with anxiety, depression, and panic disorder, which began in his youth and adds another layer of complexity to his tale.

Caring for Carol by Caring for Me goes beyond a typical caregiving memoir; it delves into the realms of wonder and imagination, demonstrating that joy can be found even amidst pain. It serves as a landmark work for understanding the emotional, physical, social, and financial strains endured by individuals who have loved ones with dementia, specifically Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD). This deeply moving narrative is a valuable resource for anyone seeking solace and guidance while navigating the adversities of dementia care.