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My experience with Luminare Press as a first-time author was superb! Everyone from Patricia Marshall to Kim Harper Kennedy was awesome. They made the process painless and rewarding. I would highly recommend Luminare Press to anyone looking to publish a book, whether it's their first book or their 10th! Sheri Thomas

by Sheri Thomas

  • Released: November 2022
  • Genre: Memoirs
I had a great experience working with the entire staff at Luminare Press on my first book! This was a huge step for me - I am grateful for the kind treatment, expert guidance, and (a little bit of...) hand-holding...:) From my first phone consultation to now seeing my book available for sale, I was involved in the process, guided in areas I didn't understand, listened to, and most of all was left feeling like my book mattered to the team - my team. I'm very grateful and happy for the experience I had and would (and have) recommend Luminare to any author - first time or seasoned pro. It was a real blessing for me to have found them. Alan Aymie

by Alan Aymie

Highly highly HIGHLY recommend Luminare Press! Very reasonable pricing of publishing packages/services and very professional work, from start to finish. These people know what they're doing! Everyone I worked with was so great and genuinely cared about helping make my book the best it could be. I couldn't be happier with the finished product, and the entire process was really fun and enjoyable. I am so grateful to Luminare Press for helping me publish my first book. If you're looking for help publishing yours, look no further! Luminare Press is the way to go. You guys are awesome! Thank you thank you thank you! Michael Rebellino

by Michael Rebellino

I worked with at least a half dozen different people at Luminare and each of them were very helpful, very pleasant, and responded to my questions quickly. I have published several books in the past with a variety of publishers and this was my best experience by far. Luminare would make the changes I wanted, unlike traditional publishers who almost always cut my favorite passages, and unlike other non-traditional publishers who often have a very limited number of options. I am totally pleased with the final result. Ron Garland

by Ron Garland

  • Released: October 2021
  • Genre: Memoirs