Soaring to New Lows - Confessions of a Rock Star Wife’s Hilarious Road to Ruin and Redemption by Margaux Dunbar Hession

by Margaux Dunbar Hession

  • Released: May 2024
  • Genre: Novels

“After a lifetime of being called a nobody,
a never-was, a social DOA, I wasn’t just popular;
I was with the band. Klarissa could suck it.”
Charlemagne Devlin is addicted to drama. Plus, booze, coke, and anything else to escape the memories of a tragic loss that still haunts her, including running away on tour forever with her rock star husband, Jubal. The trouble is, his band’s back from rehab and she’s still partying. When her booze-and-blow-infused blunder ruins their comeback concert, Jubal dumps her for her high school nemesis, just months before their upcoming twenty-five-year reunion. Consumed with envy and a never-quitter, Charlemagne will do whatever it takes to get him back, no matter how outrageous, no matter how low, except getting clean. Her motto? “Do Anything. Deny Everything.”
To help Char’s comeback as a rocker wife, she recruits her party pal Robin to churn up some great and not-so-great “high-deas.” Her plans seem to be rocketing along, until the drugs kick in and her wheels come off, sending her spiraling into epic catastrophes that only fuel her obsession to keep plowing full-scheme ahead. Living with her condescending mother in a year-round Christmas town, with new worlds, guides, and gifts appearing before her, will she ever see this rock bottom as her best worst-thing-ever? Can she finally face her demons to find the love, family, and home she’s been searching for all along? Or will she fall prey to a treacherous fate? Laugh out loud funny and wickedly witty, this novel explores the absurd choices and consequences of an addled mind wanting all the wrong things for even worse reasons and the discovery that miracles lie within even the most broken, if they can believe they are worth fighting for.