The Martha Odyssey by Bonny Gable

by Bonny Gable

  • Released: May 2024
  • Genre: Novels

The campus is full of ghosts, they say. But are Beatrice’s demons from the past or the present? It’s 1915 and young Beatrice Damron burns to become a professional classical pianist. She leaves behind her meager mountain home and enters Martha Washington College to study at its well-regarded music conservatory, unaware of what lies in wait for her there. Thrilled to exhibit her prowess with Beethoven and Brahms, she wows students and professors alike. Yet a menacing presence lurks that bedevils her.
Beatrice seeks solace beyond the college halls and discovers a simpler world with Jonah, the town outcast. Captivated with this newfound joy, she begins to lead two separate lives. But when tragedy strikes, her two worlds collide with life-threatening consequences—and Jonah is at the center of it all. To avert further disaster, Beatrice must take dangerous risks that may cost her everything.

What this author said about working with us...

My experience working with Luminare Press was outstanding in every way. Each person involved with the production of my book was extremely knowledgeable and top notch at their job. Guided by their expertise, I was ushered through the entire process, always treated with curtesy and respect, and confident my book would be polished to its very best before publishing. They were also very attentive throughout the publication process, providing guidance and remaining available for questions. I highly recommend Luminare Press for anyone with a book they wish to send out into the world. Bonny Gable