The Return of the Archetypes Re-Visioning Your Self and Society with Human Values by Amit Goswami, PhD

by Amit Goswami, PhD

Archetypes are the ideas of consciousness that humans have tried to explore and embody as values to live by, with mixed success. These archetypes form the basis of human professions till today: Abundance, Power, Beauty, Love, Goodness, Truth, Justice, Wholeness and Self.

In this book, Amit Goswami and Valentina R. Onisor have developed the scientific theory for the human archetypal experience and how ideas of consciousness can be embodied in matter (brain). They also demonstrate that these archetypal explorations have been crucial in developing what we call civilization.

The authors show that the recent downturn of civilization that we see around us is due to the myopic metaphysics that establishment scientists adopted in the 1960’s, 70′ s and 80′ s, mostly as a power play with religion. Scientific materialism is the idea that every phenomenon is a material phenomenon and this really is overruled by the findings of quantum physics, as demonstrated by Amit’s earlier books.

Finally, Goswami and Onisor lead us to the way that archetypes can return to our society and how You, the reader, can play a role in that, by guiding yourself the people you influence with the exploration and embodiment of the archetypes. The creative transformation required is now at our hands, and we should not hesitate to use these transformational tools to transform ourselves and the world.