A new “company” is contacting authors using our brand and impersonating Luminare Press employees. Please be careful!

Recently, we’ve been contacted by people who have received emails from an imposter company calling themselves “Luminare Press.” Fortunately, the recipients reached out to us first to confirm whether the email was authentic.
These emails come from a luminarepublish.com domain and use the names of some of our staff members.
If you receive a similar email from a sender claiming to be Luminare Press, please be careful and check the sender’s full email address. Our emails only come from luminarepress.com. If you have any doubts, please call or write us a new email (instead of replying).

What you can do if you receive one of these emails:

  • Reach out to us via phone at 541-636-3102 or email
  • If the email comes from @luminarepublish.com instead of @luminarepress.com report the email as SPAM
  • You can also report abuse on their scheduling system

Thank you for your collaboration!