The interior layout process of your book begins after you submit this completed form along with your final manuscript, and any and all images, charts, etc. that you wish to feature in your book.

The intake process for your manuscript has multiple parts. You may want to browse this form, get everything ready, and then come back and submit the form.


Preparing you Images for Submission

  • Start by reading our Interior Image Intake Instructions.
  • Gather all image content, charts, etc. in a single folder and make sure all are image files are named with the proper numbering.
  • You will then add image placement tags to your Word doc using said image numbers image for placement.
  • NOTE: you may also choose to upload your manuscript ONLY at this time (as long as all image tagging has been done) and send the imagery later.

Preparing you Manuscript for Submission

  • Read our Manuscript Preparation Guidelines.
    Whether you have ordered editing services with us or not, it is recommended that you submit your manuscript to us in the cleanest, most finished state possible. This will not only help ensure that we are able to publish the best product possible, it can help you avoid lengthy review times and potential overtime charges down the line.
  • While you will have opportunities to make minor edits during the full review process, we do not permit the resubmission of a revised Word document once the layout process has begun on our end.

Submit your info, your images, and upload your manuscript.

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