Bryan Givens was born in Dallas, Texas, and some of his earliest memories are of traveling to other places by reading: Narnia, Middle Earth, Treasure Island, Mars. As he grew older, he traveled to many other places, both in person and through the magical medium of books. Also, he’s had a long fascination with folktales and with exploring his Irish heritage. For his day job, he teaches history at Pepperdine University in California.

Title by Bryan Givens

  • The Adventures of Jack

    Released: December 2021

    Genre: Children's books

    Jack dreams of becoming a great warrior like his father, even though he’s not sure he’ll ever be big enough. But when his father doesn’t return from fighting the Viking invaders, Jack knows he has to step up to protect his family. After he has to move to a different village, he meets new friends, makes new enemies, and discovers strange new places. And when an unseen menace threatens his loved ones, Jack must rely on his wits and courage to unravel the secret of the Hollow Hill.