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A few people have asked me about publishing. As I completed my book, I began to research which publishing company would best suit my needs. I spoke with many authors and a few editors to gain perspective and information. I finally chose Luminare Press. I have absolutely enjoyed working with them and absolutely convinced it was my best choice! From the first moment, they were friendly, encouraging and willing to answer a ton of questions, many which were asked more than once! I explained to them that I had a unique writing style that I did not want changed, but I did want it to be understood and somewhat consistent. They chose a specific editor that was willing to help me bend grammar rules while still helping me to be clear and understood with my audience. I had the opportunity to override any suggestions made by the editor. While this gave me great comfort, honestly, there was only a few corrections that I overrode and kept the same. Everything else was spot on and very helpful. They sent me lots of information about publishing and how it works, how to market my book and get it out into the public. I paid a pretty good sum up front, but this payment allowed me not only control of how it was written, but also how it was distributed. I was able to determine every single facet of my book, including the front cover. I was also able to work with Luminare Press to determine the cost of each book and what profit I would make. They were also very helpful in regard to letting me know what charges were added with what services I was asking for. If I write another book, I will absolutely work with Luminare Press again, and I highly recommend them to any authors out there - you know who you are! Christy Wall

by Christy Wall

Having published with a New York publisher before, I am so much more impressed with the attention to detail and copy editing that Luminare Press gave to my project. Their editing is indeed superb, and the staff's organization, timeliness and troubleshooting capabilities spearheaded my book into existence. I could not have had a better publishing experience. I have already sent one client their way, and I couldn't recommend them more highly. Carrie Hagen

by Carrie Hagen

  • Released: August 2022
  • Genre: Novels
I’m thrilled to see my book published and to have done it with Luminare! It was a job well done from the cover design to all the editing and administrative steps. Everyone was friendly and guided me each step of the way. I ended up with a high-quality product and learned so much about the publication process as well. Thank you to everyone on the team for your work! Amy Devins

by Amy Devins