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Another fantastic experience working with Luminare Press! I can't say enough good things about the entire team. They are so easy to work with & knowledgeable, it makes it a breeze to publish a book. I have used their services on my last four books & intend to continue using them for future ones. And I continue to recommend them to fellow authors. Tracey L. Ryan

by Tracey L. Ryan

  • Released: January 2023
  • Genre: Novels
I very much enjoyed working with the folks at Luminare Press. They are informative, knowledgeable and go the extra mile to step an author through the process of successfully bringing a manuscript to life. I will be recommending Luminare Press to all my writing buddies at Pioneer Valley Writers Workshop. Hats off to Luminare Press! Andrew Myers

by Andrew Myers

I would recommend Luminare Press for anyone self publishing. I am a first time author and needed a lot of help. Patricia, Kimberly and Caitlin are very knowledgeable and patient with the process of publishing I am very grateful for their support and help to get my book completed and now on Amazon. Thank you ladies for your help! G. Anthony

by G. Anthony

  • Released: November 2022
  • Genre: Novels