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The team at Luminare was knowledgeable and patient. They handled all the hard parts of publishing so I could focus on my book and marketing. I appreciate their guidance and expertise throughout the process and am thrilled with the final result! Megan Becker

by Megan Becker

  • Released: August 2023
  • Genre: Novels
My experience as an author with Luminaire Press has been extraordinary. Their team of editors, graphic artists and publication managers is professional and talented. Each one of them has a passion for books and story that they share with me as one of their authors. I know that creating a book which I can take out into the world with pride is as important to them as it is to me. As long as I’m creating stories and discovering new characters, I will trust them to everyone at Luminaire Press. Milree Latimer

by Milree Latimer

  • Released: July 2023
  • Genre: Novels
The team at Luminare Press is highly skilled, reliable, and responsive. This is my third project with them and they did not disappoint. The designer listened carefully to my requests for the cover and interior and showed patience, creativity, and determination to create the best possible result. And she did! I was given very specific instructions for the steps all along the way and each member of the team clearly showed excellent knowledge and skill with the quite complicated publication process. I am pleased with the outcome and have already received much positive feedback from readers! Thank you, Luminare Press! Paula Prober

by Paula Prober