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The Luminare Press team is fantastic. As a first-time author, I appreciated the clear communication, prompt email responses. and high-quality editing services at a reasonable cost. Everyone was very professional, helpful, and friendly. I highly recommend Luminare Press to other authors wishing to self-publish. Nina Reid

by Nina Reid

  • Released: March 2023
  • Genre: Memoirs
I loved working with Luminaire Press. They took me through the publishing process step by step until I ended up with a beautiful book from cover to cover. Sue Castor

by Sue Castor

Absolutely loved working with Luminare! The personal service is what sold me on publishing with them (almost went with another publisher until I talked to Patricia). I knew from the first call that the 'fit' was right! They coached me every step of the way but didn't push. They let me work at my speed. Just received my first 5 printed copies. The cover quality is beautiful! My translator is almost done with the Spanish version. Would highly recommend to any author! I'm very pleased! Keith Lawrence

by Keith Lawrence

  • Released: March 2023
  • Genre: Memoirs
I chose Luminare Press for my project after seeing the beautiful volume they produced for a friend and hearing her unqualified praise of their professionalism, efficiency, and responsiveness. As my book progressed through all the steps, I was amazed at how comprehensive their offering was, covering things I'd never considered or would have found daunting to do on my own. I unreservedly recommend Luminare, not only for the quality of the interactions, but for the quality of the book they put together for me. Nina Macheel

by Nina Macheel

  • Released: November 2022
  • Genre: Memoirs
My second experience working with Luminare Press was more difficult because my memoir they published included multiple images. But like my first novel they published for me, their managing editor (Sallie), project manager (Kim), her production assistant (Caitlin), and graphic designer (Melissa), all working with the owner/editor (Patricia) guided me through the process, patiently tolerating several of my image and edit changes, as well as a complete book design change. All their communication with me was friendly, cooperative, and professional. I could not be happier with their expertise. Ronald Lutz

by Ronald Lutz

  • Released: June 2022
  • Genre: Memoirs