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I loved working with Luminaire Press. They took me through the publishing process step by step until I ended up with a beautiful book from cover to cover. Sue Castor

by Sue Castor

"The Dance: Light, Love & Life With Two Wolves", is my second book published with Luminare Press. I really enjoyed working with all of the Luminare staff during the whole publishing process with both books. They make the whole process a very helpful and positive experience. To achieve your goal of a beautiful book that you can be proud of, just as I am with mine, I strongly recommend Luminare Press. Ann Blackburn

by Ann Blackburn

My experience with Luminare Press was exemplary, far more personal than other publishers I have worked with. The entire staff has been very professional, helpful, and patient. They fulfilled all promises made in the contract, and the result, a book to be proud of, is well worth the cost of their services. W. Grey Champion

by W. Grey Champion

My book publishing experience with Luminare Press was all too satisfying. I am thrilled with the finished work. Their expertise, patience, feedback, and accurate time-lines from start to finish of my manuscript were phenomenal. Great team to work with. Most important, they were true to their contractual word and with no pressure on the Author. I found them to be resourceful, thorough, and professional. Great experience. Thank you Luminare Press. Robert L. Woods, PH.D

by Robert L. Woods, PH.D